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Exercise can be fun!

Hi   As mentioned in previous blogs, I love going for a brisk walk as a form of exercise.  Recently my sister in law (who is going to be doing the Race for Life in the summer), mentioned that she’d … Continue reading

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Goal planning

Hi   After reading ‘Eat that Frog’ by Brian Tracy last week and listening to his ‘The New Psychology of Achievment’ CD this week, I decided to rewrite my top 10 goals (which he suggests writing out from scratch daily without looking at the … Continue reading

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New structure

Hi   I came up with a new structure for my website today and will be changing it over the next few weeks.  Those of you who are regular visitors to the site will know that my main focus for when it … Continue reading

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Multi-tasking around the home

Hi I love Sundays at home, plus I feel so much more organised on a Monday morning when I’ve had a whole day at home the previous day.   My tip today is that even if you have a big job to … Continue reading

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Forgetful mum

Hi   Walking clears your head with all that fresh air.  On arrival at the supermarket yesterday after a fast walk, I filled my basket with a few urgent supplies, including wrapping paper for the present we had to take … Continue reading

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