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Day 236: Sorting Out Spare Room Cupboard Leads to an Evening of Fun

I’m assuming that I’m not the only one with a junk cupboard or two, or three. Anyway, in our spare room we have two cupboards and the one that I decided to sort out today hasn’t been sorted out for … Continue reading

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Day 173: Learning About the Art of Discarding Stuff, and Playing More Family Board Games

“We must stop simply having stuff and putting it away somewhere. We need to think more actively about our relationship with things” Nagisa Tatsumi, The Art of Discarding Whilst working on my challenge this year, I’ve become more and more … Continue reading

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Emptying the dishwasher to the beat of the music

I got in from work this evening faced with kitchen duties and dinner. I asked Alexa to play some music and the first track was ‘Jump’ by The Pointer Sisters. I then poured a glass of wine and emptied the … Continue reading

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Dressing up the household chores

When I ask the children to do anything around the house I’m sometimes met with a no. This could be anything from washing to recycling. However, if I say ‘who wants to go round the back of the house and … Continue reading

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Facing my fear of cycling!

My partner kindly bought me a brand new bike the Christmas before last and until yesterday it has spent 20 months in the garage! My fear of riding a bike stems back from childhood (whilst visiting relatives in Canada) when … Continue reading

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