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Day 163: Knowing How to Put up a Tent Can Really Save you Time

I’m posting this a day late because yesterday was manic getting things ready for my husband’s birthday which mostly had to wait until after I’d finished my work for the day. As usual, I took on too much and one … Continue reading

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Having compassion for others

Should we always have compassion for others even when they get rude and frustrated with us? This goes for adults as well as children. They sometimes sound out without a care for anyone else… and we react. I’ve learnt over … Continue reading

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Enjoy life’s moments

I recently watched a film called ‘The Convenient Groom’ and the following few lines stuck in my mind: “Everything in life is temporary. You’ve just got to enjoy life’s moments while you have them”. It’s really made me think about … Continue reading

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Let Children Cry their Frustrations Away

Do you struggle to take control of the frustrations that your children have with everyday things like homework; getting up and getting ready for school; tidying their room, and so on?  Since the start of this new school year, I’ve been trying to help my … Continue reading

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