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Weekend fun again!

Hi Last weekend was another busy one and very tiring.  My daughters woke up very early on Saturday morning and the first thing my five year old said was ‘mummy we have a lot to do today!’ which I must … Continue reading

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Weekend fun

Hi   How was your weekend?  Mine was fantastic.    Saturday the girls chose to paint a miniture teaset which I must admit was actually quite fun, even though I did worry at first that it was going to be quite … Continue reading

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Chapter One available on website

Hi   I have just published for free chapter one of ‘Little Tips and Luxuries for Stressed and Busy Mums’ – see book chapters page on  Please take a look and let me know what you think .    Have … Continue reading

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Deferred decisions when clutter clearing

Hi   According to Sue Kay’s book ‘No more clutter’, indecision plays a big part in getting rid of clutter.  You pick an item up and are unsure whether to get rid of it.  Experts say that you should put … Continue reading

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Clear your mind then only do what’s important

Hi   It’s the end of the weekend again and after devoting the entire two days to the family, I’m now having some ‘me-time’.  Firstly I took some time out to meditate, which for me is simply laying down in a quiet room … Continue reading

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Talking about Goal planning

Hi Brian Tracy’s CD and book have been a great influence on me over the last couple of weeks and I’ve now got my brother addicted to listening to him too.  Things are on track with my book and I’m almost ready to … Continue reading

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