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Let’s Write Again

I haven’t sat at my laptop and written a blog for a while. Firstly because the desk I use is set up for work and so once I’ve finished work I don’t tend to go back and sit there, and … Continue reading

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January Decluttering Reflections

Today seems like a good day to reflect on what I’ve achieved in January and how I am going to tackle things in February. How is the house feeling generally? A lot better, particularly downstairs and the main bedroom (although … Continue reading

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Walk into each room like a guest

After writing yesterday’s blog, I decided to apply the ‘start at the front door’ concept to the spare room; a room that’s bugged me for 10 years! I have many pictures of that room with clutter in it, and although … Continue reading

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How to deal with clutter quickly

The question I asked myself over and over again this morning was: What shall I do with all this clutter?  I was faced with the task of sorting out the spare room in my house, otherwise known as the study or … Continue reading

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