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A Reason to Take Regular Breaks Every Day

We have all experienced burnout in our lives at one time or another, but if we knew how to prevent this, surely we would try it wouldn’t we? It’s quite common to say that we’ll rest at the end of … Continue reading

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Day 239: An Afternoon by the Sea Clears the Mind

The girls and I drove to my mum and dad’s in Herne Bay today. We took a packed lunch and sat in their garden to eat it so that we could still practise social distancing. Then we all popped down … Continue reading

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Day 137: Walking (and a Bit of Blogging) Helps with Lockdown Stress

Some people need stimulation from ‘other people’ and ‘things’ to be happy (group A) and some people can be happy from just being with themselves (group B). I think we have two in each group in our house. I’m in … Continue reading

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Stress and Clutter on Your Shoulders

I had a bit of a lie in this morning being the weekend. My lunchtime meal with my friends had been cancelled, so pottered about the kitchen, moving my body as I knew that it would ease the aches and … Continue reading

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Enjoy life’s moments

I recently watched a film called ‘The Convenient Groom’ and the following few lines stuck in my mind: “Everything in life is temporary. You’ve just got to enjoy life’s moments while you have them”. It’s really made me think about … Continue reading

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Listening to your child’s worries

I think it’s important not to belittle the worries that children have about life – something that may be insignificant to you, might be a massive challenge to them. Children, just like adults, need a sounding board to get things … Continue reading

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Batteries set to ‘recharge’

I have split this blog into two parts ‘batteries empty’ and ‘batteries on recharge’.  Up until today, I’d had ‘one of those weeks’ where everything has felt too much.  Fortunately I have just over a week off work now which I am … Continue reading

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Slow down and enjoy your soup!

Hi As I hurriedly spooned my piping hot carrot and coriander soup into my mouth, I realised that it wasn’t going to cool down any quicker just because I had to rush back to the office for another meeting.   It … Continue reading

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