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No Need for Expensive Boxes to Store Christmas Decs

You might wonder why I’m writing about Christmas decorations. Today I took some time off and focused on decluttering amongst other things. I walked around the house again to get a feel for where the energy wasn’t flowing. I’m embarrassed … Continue reading

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Organise the Chocolates or Eat Them?

We could have just eaten the chocolates that are still lurking around the house from Christmas, not only because they are taking up space in their attractive and colourful packaging, but because they are very yummy. Instead, we thought about … Continue reading

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Goodbye tree, see you in 11 months

Today had to be about taking the tree down and other decorations and making space around the house again. It’s lovely for the month of December and then it all starts to get in the way. Once removed, the place … Continue reading

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The squirrel and the advent calendars

The other week, the library near work was closed so I went to my second favourite bench in the park to sit and think.  I began watching a friendly (or so I thought) squirrel running around and playing with an empty takeaway … Continue reading

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