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Day 165: More Indoor and Outdoor Plants, and Dinner in the Garden

I woke up quite refreshed after the second night sleeping in the tent in the garden. It was quite nice lying there listening to the birds tweeting. I then enjoyed my breakfast in the tent until a house fly took … Continue reading

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Day 115: Looking For beauty On My Walk, Plus a Little Bit of Tiding Up, Plus Our First Takeaway Since Lockdown

I woke up earlier than usual to the birds tweeting outside and the delicate sounds of my eldest teen unloading and loading the dishwasher. It was very sweet of her 😊. She was back in her room when I went … Continue reading

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Having trouble sleeping? Some food and drink suggestions to reach for…

Article first published as Beat Insomnia: Food and Drink that can Promote Sleep on Technorati. If you suffer from insomnia, it can be useful to include sleep-inducing foods in your evening meal or just before going to bed.  As a sufferer … Continue reading

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