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Day 185: A Desk Chair on its Last Legs, and a Little Bit About Happiness

Today we learnt that we really need to get rid of something before it’s completely worn out. My daughter has been telling me for weeks that she needs a new chair for her desk and I kept saying ‘find one … Continue reading

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Day 170: A New Home for Plastic Containers and a Basic Manicure For Me and My Daughter

It was a long working day today for me and I ended up finishing later than normal. Everyone was hungry and we didn’t have much in the fridge. I really felt like getting a takeaway but then changed my mind … Continue reading

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Don’t Procrastinate… Just Sew the Button On

This morning my youngest daughter kindly handed me her school shirt as well as the button that fell off it. Much better than hunting everywhere for the missing button or trying to find a spare one on the inside of … Continue reading

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Free Praise

via Daily Prompt: Praise Make ‘praise’ part of your day. Give it freely to everyone you interact with. Praise is about looking for what someone has done right rather than what they have done wrong.  It’s thinking about what you … Continue reading

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Dressing up the household chores

When I ask the children to do anything around the house I’m sometimes met with a no. This could be anything from washing to recycling. However, if I say ‘who wants to go round the back of the house and … Continue reading

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Blogging, cooking and wine

I’m having a nice cold glass of wine on this gorgeous summer’s day whilst cooking dinner for the family. It’s been a chilled out day for me as the girls haven’t had any homework this weekend as we are getting … Continue reading

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Listening to your child’s worries

I think it’s important not to belittle the worries that children have about life – something that may be insignificant to you, might be a massive challenge to them. Children, just like adults, need a sounding board to get things … Continue reading

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Let Children Cry their Frustrations Away

Do you struggle to take control of the frustrations that your children have with everyday things like homework; getting up and getting ready for school; tidying their room, and so on?  Since the start of this new school year, I’ve been trying to help my … Continue reading

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Book update…

I apologise for the lack of updates in the last few weeks, but I’ve been busy editing my book that’s being published later this year.  This post is to gather your thoughts on a potential change.  The title of the book A Gift … Continue reading

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My first book launch party!

I’ve just come back from my very first book launch party!  I should be thinking about going to sleep as I have work tomorrow, but I had to share this.  My friend, yoga instructor and talented author Natasha Harding has … Continue reading

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