Spring clutter clearing

I started listening to The Art of Discarding by Nagasaki Tatsumi this afternoon. I have over 50 Audible Books in my library ready to listen to when I need inspiration. This one was perfect for today as I remembered that her tips helped me last Spring. She said in the first chapter “Keep things that you use and discard those you don’t. Things are given life by being used”

As mentioned yesterday, my challenge today was to clear the clothes etc by the end of today. I find it very difficult to part with things so I roped my partner into helping with his wardrobe and in less than an hour, we’d filled 5 charity bags and that was just his stuff. We then put everything back with room to spare.IMG_1895.JPG

I’d carried out some similar purging this time last year so I just tidied some of my wardrobe and put all the other clothes away. It took all afternoon but it felt good!

I just want to add that it was my youngest daughter that inspired us all this weekend as she sorted out her wardrobe and drawers and did a wonderful job. It looks lovely with all the matching coat hangers and everything lined up in colour order.

There’ll be a lot of bags going to the charity shop next weekend and our house feels lighter already.

Now that all the clothes are away, my next challenge will be to organise the inside of the wardrobes and drawers to make it easier to put things away. None of this shoving things into the already-crammed-full drawers. I made a start on this today by removing the contents of a ‘bits and bobs’ drawer that I can’t remember opening for months and making it my new sock drawer.

It’s definitely Spring.

Until next time…


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Improving your home space

The clutter seems to have piled up around the house again; mainly upstairs. So, after sitting here feeling sorry for myself and not knowing where to start, I’ve decided to start with one area…clothes and other articles.

I’m setting myself a goal that by the end of today tomorrow, all clothes will be either in the washing basket, in the wash or put away.

It must be a Spring thing! I need to improve the space around me, but realise that I need to start with small tasks rather than look at the whole job at hand.

What clutter do you see around you every day that makes you feel frustrated?

Follow me on my decluttering journey.

Until next time…


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There’s something about a vacuumed floor…

I looked back at the room that I’ve been tidying today. Well done, I thought to myself, but still a long way to go. The room needed a good vacuum which I knew would instantly change the way I felt about the space and motivate me to continue with the good work.

After 3 minutes vacuuming (just the parts that were visible) I sat down to take a look. It felt instantly cleaner and fresher even though the same clutter was there.

Motivated, I moved on…

Catch up with me later

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I’m fed up with the clutter

imageThat’s it. I’m doing something about it (I’ve said that before) and I’m going to be really ruthless and throw things away (I’ve said that before too!).

What shall I do with all the clutter and stuff lying around? I’ve been a homeowner for almost 27 years now and it’s probably only the first few years of that time that I had a tidy and clutter free house. So, what’s happened over the years and why do I always seem to be clutter clearing and tidying? My daughter thinks that it’s because I like doing it.

My excuses are that I’ve lived in different houses, lived with different people, bought too much stuff, not had time to get rid of things etc. There’s stuff of mine, stuff of theirs, stuff I can’t bear to part with, stuff I don’t know how to get rid of, stuff that has no designated place, stuff that brings back memories and so on. However, I’ve been in this particular house for almost 9 years now, so why do I always appear to be clutter clearing and tidying the same rooms? And why does no one else in the family seem to worry about it as much as me?

I’m going to change from today. Follow me on my journey…

Until later…

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Calm in a day

We sometimes don’t realise that taking just one day off can reduce that feeling of overwhelm and chaos. It could be that you are disorganised with the washing, have unorganised paperwork, can’t find time to put things in their place, or you just want to find places to put those things.

Today I took a long-awaited day off and although I could have quite easily stayed in bed for longer, I motivated myself to get the kids ready for school and then off to the gym. It was hard work as I hadn’t been for a while (had just been doing lazy swimming instead only once a week). I didn’t push myself too hard in the gym today but managed to stay there for 45 minutes doing something!

I tackled some tough things on my to do list during the rest of the day until school pick up time.

It’s just after 6pm and I’ve just taken the dinner out of the oven – which is a lot earlier than normal. The kitchen is tidy, the music is on in the background, I’m shaking my hips to Robbie William’s Rock DJ, and I’m feeling rather pleased with myself.

Try taking some time out for yourself now and again, even if it’s just for one day.

Until next time…


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Almost hit by a clotheshorse

I have a lot of determination at the moment to clear my surroundings of clutter and mess. So much so, that I spent an hour sorting through baskets of washing and putting things away in the nice tidy baskets that I bought for my daughters’ wardrobes.

I was feeling quite organised and relaxed pairing up socks when, out of corner of my eye, I could see the clothes horse falling towards me. Don’t ask me how, but I managed to catch it and push it back up to its upright position.

The same thing happened the day before when I wasn’t in the room. I think that I might need somewhere new to put the clotheshorse rather than balancing it in the bath as it’s becoming quite dangerous!


Had a productive evening though as nearly all clothes have been put away.

Until tomorrow…



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Keep calm and tidy up

I applied the 10 minute tidy rule when tidying my spare room yesterday evening. I set the timer and began. When the alarm went off I felt so motivated to carry on that I ended up resetting the timer 3 more times.

In amongst the mess, I stumbled upon 2 red ‘click and store’ boxes that had been collapsed down and shoved behind some other clutter. imageThe very appropriately named phrase displayed on the top read ‘Keep calm and tidy up’ which motivated me to do more clutter clearing, especially when I realised that I could fill them with things left lying around. Dangerous!

Until tomorrow.


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