From Scattering Wildflower Seeds To Rearranging the Conservatory

I found some seeds lying around the house today that I forgot to sow when I did the others. All the women at work received a packet on their desks on International Women’s Day on 8 March. This was the message on the back of the accompanying card.

Before sowing them, I first had to do some weeding…

Chosen area before and after weeding

… and then just like the instructions said, I lightly raked the seeds into the soil. It didn’t take long either – it was a pleasant way to spend my lunch break. That plant in the middle is actually alive; it has new shoots growing. I can’t remember what it’s called. The wildflowers should grow all around it.

By sowing these seeds today, that’s just one more item that’s not lying around the house anymore.

Rearranging the Furniture in the Conservatory

Before I dialed into a work video call this morning, I decided to reposition my desk. I needed a better background and not the clutter that’s currently behind me (i.e. the unfinished side of the conservatory). My colleagues had a view of the garden instead which made me feel a whole lot better 😊.

When I finished work this afternoon, I made a start with moving some of the furniture around to try out a more suitable layout. I didn’t quite finish as I had to stop to make dinner; however, I’m hoping to get it a bit tidier tomorrow so that I can show you all some updated photos.

That’s all for today.

Until tomorrow…


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March Decluttering Reflections

It’s been 3 months since I challenged myself to declutter or improve something around the house every day. Today seems like a good day to reflect on what I’ve achieved in March, how I am feeling about the challenge in general and how I am planning to tackle things in April.

Is the house looking clearer? Mid month it took a step back, but now it’s looking clearer again. I am still moving things around when I’m decluttering, but what I am getting better at is not putting items in areas that I have already finished decluttering.

How can I get rid of more stuff? I have thrown quite a bit away over the last month. I also have bags in my car boot ready to take to the charity shop; however due to the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic, where we are all having to stay in our homes, I haven’t been able to take the bags to the charity shop (and they are closed anyway). My car boot is therefore full, so I might have to put additional ones in my garage for the time being if they start to get in the way in the house. It’s not going to stop me carrying on with my current process though.

Am I on track? Yes. I’m continuing to make small improvements daily. It actually feels natural for me to do this every day now; it’s become a habit. Being at home every day, it’s easier to spot things that need doing around the house, so I just make a note for the next day.

Am I getting buy-in from the rest of the family? I did get a bit frustrated when all of a sudden all four of us were working at home instead of going out every day. This totally changed our routine and it’s taken a few weeks for us all to find a new way of doing things. At first I felt that a lot of it would fall to me, but it’s not really been that way. My husband has cooked more, and just over a week ago both of my daughters tidied their room and desks ready to do their school work from home. It was lovely to see.

What am I going to do in April? I will definitely finish the conservatory. I’m planning on taking a couple of days off this month so I will have some focused time for decluttering and will be able to move some bigger projects forward such as the spare room. It has recently taken a back seat due to my husband working from home in there. If the weather is nice, I will probably get outside and do some weeding as well.

What’s the feedback from other family members? My daughter mentioned that the house is looking nice and tidy. I really value her feedback and trust that she’ll tell me the truth as she’s usually quick to tell me when she doesn’t like something. She’s got lots of ideas for how she can organise and design her room as well once this ‘stay at home’ period is over.

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Time To Clean the Inside of the Conservatory Windows

Clean conservatory windows

Since the conservatory was cleaned a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t really felt the benefit when looking through the windows because the insides were so dirty. So, I found some spray and a clean cloth and gave them a wipe down (not a job that gets done very much at all in this house).

It’s amazing how much brighter the whole room looked afterwards.

Adding a bit more decluttering

Whilst cleaning the windows on the other side of the conservatory, I had to move some magazines and papers out of the way, so I took the time to sort through those as well – most of which got recycled. Slowly, I’m turning this room into a much more pleasant working environment.

Hope you’ve all had a nice day and not worrying too much about the current Coronavirus pandemic. I know that I have followers all over the world so I just hope and pray that you and your families are all safe and well wherever you are.

I cannot believe that it’s April already. I have my ‘March Decluttering Reflections’ post in draft, so I will send an update to you all this evening or tomorrow.

Until then…


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Pottering Around the Garden & Attempting to Sow Seeds

I can see the garden every day now whilst I am working in the conservatory, so I popped out there at lunchtime today and trimmed a bit more of the hedge (that I started on the other day). I then decided to plant some seeds that I bought recently. I’ve been keeping back some plastic food trays for this very purpose (instead of recycling them). The overall plan is to add a bit of colour to the garden once the seeds germinate and bloom.

I started with the Whirlybird Mix which looked like pansies on the packet. I had no idea what to do, so had to follow the instructions. The last time I planted seeds was in my parents’ greenhouse when I was a child. The first thing I did was add compost to the tray, flatten it carefully and then sprinkle it with water. I scattered the seeds onto the compost.

Whirlybird seed mix

Next on the list was to cover the seeds with a little bit of compost. I then put some cling film over the top of the tray and placed it in a warm place… I chose the conservatory.

I also had a pack of geranium seeds that I bought online. There were only seven seeds and they were so tiny. I used a separate tray for these.

Geranium seeds

Both trays are now in the conservatory and I will check on them daily.

Waiting for the seeds to grow

I do have some other seed packets as well but I’ve saved that joy for another day.

Until tomorrow…


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Day 90 of Decluttering: Cutting Hair out of the Vacuum Cleaner Brush Roller Doesn’t Take as Long as You Think

Full brush roller

The poor vacuum cleaner needed a bit of love and attention today, so I got some scissors and cut away the long hair and other materials wrapped around the brush roller. I do this about once a month otherwise it gives off a horrible burning smell.

Here it is all clean and it only took about ten minutes. It looks as good as new don’t you think?

Clean brush roller

90 day checkpoint

I can’t believe that I’ve been decluttering and introducing mini systems around the house for exactly 90 days. It’s harder to focus now that everyone is at home; however, I’m still making good progress. I’m getting positive comments from the rest of the family too.

Until tomorrow…


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Feeling Motivated to Declutter and Clean the En-suite

Cleaning the bathroom

I’ve been longing to get to the day where I have enough time and motivation to declutter our en-suite bathroom. Today was that day and this was the embarrassing mess that I was faced with…

I took everything off the shelves and placed them into an empty washing basket.

Then I sorted those items into the ones that I wanted to display and those that needed to be put away. Here’s the transformation…

I still need to find a place for the items that I didn’t put back. To be honest, I’ll probably just squeeze those into the cupboard under the sink for later sorting. That’s a job for a other day. It’s all about baby steps.

We have to remember that we’d never do anything if we planned to do it all in one day.

Until tomorrow…


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Slow Down and Do the Vacuuming Mindfully

Vacuuming the stairs

Now we’re at home all day, I’m trying to fit in the housework around the rest of the family. Whilst vacuuming the stairs (something I don’t usually like doing as my handheld contraption isn’t working) I had this urge to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n. What was the rush today?

Just like that, I changed the speed at which I was pushing the machine. I wondered why I hadn’t thought of this before. I have always rushed cleaning; trying to fit it around my working hours and cutting many corners (not ideal). I have never actually taken the time to get that piece of clinging fluff off the stair carpet, I just huff and puff and pick it up with my fingers. Today, I just went over the area slower, and low and behold all the dirt disappeared into the machine. Magic!

I’m going to clean slower as me more mindfully from now on. Hey, I might even do a better job.

I must add this bit in to show my girls’ appreciation… they actually said ‘the carpet looks so nice and clean’ and I got a thank you for cleaning their bathroom sinks the other day. Yes, I know that they could help, and they do sometimes, and will more in the future; however, right now, I’m enjoying the mindfulness whilst cleaning. With spa music in my ears today (sometimes it’s Mama Mia Here We Go Again or something else upbeat), I appreciated every minute.

Until tomorrow…


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