In response to the Daily Post, I’m writing about Cravings today. All I can think of on the subject of Cravings is that I sometimes crave me time. I’m on holiday, and late afternoon today I popped down to the beach for some quiet time. Fell asleep listening to the sound of the waves. When I got back, the kids were still on their iPads and my partner went and got us a bottle of wine and two wine glasses.

We’re now on the balcony, and whist the kids are getting ready for dinner, we’re sipping wine and I can still see the beach and waves. Bliss.

Until next time….

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Free Praise

via Daily Prompt: Praise

Make ‘praise’ part of your day. Give it freely to everyone you interact with. Praise is about looking for what someone has done right rather than what they have done wrong.  It’s thinking about what you are saying before you say it, and delivering a specific response.

Children particularly benefit from this, for example, ‘Well done for hoovering and tidying your room this afternoon’, could be shrugged away by your eight year old. However, a more thoughtful response could go something like this ‘I like the way that you lined up all of your teddies in a row on your beautifully made bed. I also like how you’ve tidied your desk and made a nice clear space to do your colouring’.

Praise is positive feedback and it can be used with adults too. It’s quite easy to throw over a negative comment to your partner such as ‘you never clean up!’ How about more specific praise such as ‘Thanks for dusting around the edges of the ceiling as that’s the bit that I can’t reach’ or ‘Thanks for noticing that I’d left the cleaning stuff on the side and for cleaning the shower whilst you are in it. It’s so clean that I don’t want to spoil it by using it.’

How are you going to make praise part of your day?




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Accepting the help of others

Accept help whenever possible

Are you trying to fit too much in? Are you doing everything yourself because you don’t trust anyone else to do it, or can’t find anyone else to do it? I’ve come to the conclusion today that accepting the help of others is a good move for many reasons. 

So many times I have tried to fit in cutting the hedges during my morning off because I just can’t stand looking at them for one more day, hoovering the inside of my car in the evening because the kids are embarrassed for me to pick up their friends the next day, or frantically cleaning the whole house because of a party that afternoon. 

There are keen gardeners and cleaners out there that do this for a living, just like you do your job for a living. They are potentially better skilled to do these things and are actually passionate about doing them. They have the right tools that will make the job quicker leaving you to concentrate on the family, hobbies or even give yourself time to rest!

Yes it does cost money to get others to help, so you would be wise to be selective in what you delegate. It’s all about balance and working out what the benefits are to you, which could be anything from health reasons to finding the time for a hobby that’s moved off your radar. This free time may even allow you train for a job that suits your skills better and will pay you more money.

Look at your balance today. Are you doing too much? Are there things that you could delegate? Be more aware of the offers of help that come out of the blue; don’t let them pass or continually say no to them. All I’m suggesting is that you consider what crosses your path. These things happen for a reason.

I accepted help today and it’s taken a big weight off my mind.

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Dressing up the household chores

When I ask the children to do anything around the house I’m sometimes met with a no. This could be anything from washing to recycling. However, if I say ‘who wants to go round the back of the house and wheel round the green bin?’ I will get two very willing volunteers. All of a sudden it’s the most exciting job there is to do.

The cardboard that’s been sitting in the utility room all week is in the bin within minutes and then there’s a fight about who’s going to wheel the bin back.

Successfully delegated.

Do you dress up any household chores for the children?

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Dinner and wine in the garden


After a challenging day at work, a meal and a small glass of wine in the garden is just what I need. It’s great having daylight for longer in the evenings; the sun was shining and the birds were tweeting as I typed this.

It’s also made me realise the importance of having breaks. It’s easy to get in from work and rush around doing things for family such as washing, cooking, clearing up, helping with homework etc.

Just ten to fifteen minutes catching up with yourself is crucial for your wellbeing and frame of mind, and it also allows you reflect on your day. Stresses can eat away at you if they are not addressed and in times of pressure it’s easy to react in a way that’s just not you.

Top tips: say no when you want to say no, pause before reacting and take time out.

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Plan to keep the house clutter free

I consider myself to be an organised and tidy person, so why is there so much out of place around the house? I challenged myself on this the other week (What you see when you enter your home) and vowed to clear one area (hallway) and keep it clear. It’s still clear.

I think that maintenance is an important part of the day, whether it’s maintenance in the kitchen, maintenance of your handbag, or the just spending a few moments clearing the hall way of leaflets, post and other stray items that have been dropped there.

If you are struggling with all areas around the home being cluttered, pick one area and clear it. Then take a few minutes each day to keep it that way and review your habit after 1 week.


Following my last email, I extended this new habit to the dining room. I cleared it once and for all and stood back to look at my work. My children, who love a clear dining room table, were drawn to it and in no time at all there was a whole craft class going on with colouring, cutting and sticking. The floor was littered with bits of paper. I’m now encouraging them to spend a few minutes putting their stuff away afterwards in order to help me get the room back to normal at the end of each day.

Right now I’m sitting and blogging in my clear dining room feeling inspired. It’s a great feeling…

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What do you see as you enter your home?

Have you ever felt drained as you walk into your home and around your house and know that you need to do something about the mess and clutter? Where do you start? How long is it going to take to get things back to normal? Should you do one whole room or potter about and do a little bit here and a little bit there?

Today I popped out to run a few errands and when I walked back into my house I noticed how uninviting it was. Half the time I dismiss it as I rush about from place to place, but today it bothered me. Walking around the house, I noticed mess and clutter in every room. Where was I to start?

I sat down in the garden with a cup of tea, feeling unenergised but enjoying the warm spring sunshine. After a couple of sips, it suddenly dawned on me to start at the beginning. To tackle what I see as I first walk in.

Tackling the hall way

The unopened post was in a pile by the front door along with magazines, junk mail and other stray items, which actually didn’t take long to clear. I then put all the coats and jackets that were hanging on the bannister either where they were supposed to go, or into the washing machine. Shoes were put into the cupboard (eek! that’s a job for another day!). Finally I hoovered and mopped leaving the hallway smelling clean and fresh.

I took some rubbish out… and as I walked back in I smiled.  Starting at the entrance of my home and clearing away the clutter and dirt gave me a boost. It also made me realise that things don’t take that long once I put my mind to it.

Although there’s no right or wrong way to clean and clear your home, starting at the beginning or just tackling one room and not stopping until you’ve finished, gives you a great sense of achievement as you look back and admire your hard work. It’ll also get you motivated to start on the next room.

Dining room next…

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