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The Impact of True Listening

My daughter said to me this evening ‘Thank you for being lovely and listening to me earlier’ and I thought about how my coaching training must be paying off. I’ve always thought that I was a good listener, but in … Continue reading

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Starting the Year With a Clear, Calm and Comfortable Office Space

Today I achieved one of my end of year goals of clearing and organising my office space. The new bookshelf proudly displays the majority of my personal development (self-help) books in one place next to a clear bed, meaning that … Continue reading

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Keeping a Record of Your Project Progress Helps Keeps You Motivated

“Progress is one of the most motivating feelings for the human mind. You need to have some way to visualise that; some way to see that you’re progressing.” James Clear, on Dr Chatterjee’s Feel Better Live More podcast #145 Just … Continue reading

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Day 3 (Part 1): Clutter is one of my biggest problem areas…

Today after breakfast I took a picture of my utility room and then turned around and saw the cluttered windowsill in the kitchen and then turned around again and saw the stuff in the corner of the dining room and….. … Continue reading

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Feeling motivated to declutter

Today I did lots of decluttering. My goal was to put the mountains of clothes  away in various family members’ wardrobes and drawers, but I also ended up pottering about downstairs whilst cooking a roast and cleared half the dining … Continue reading

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The final page of my book…

Today I finished writing my book A Gift for Stressed and Busy Parents and it’s now with the publisher for review and comments.  It’s been quite a journey getting all my thoughts down over the last couple of years and structuring … Continue reading

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Striving for your dreams

Work life balance I’ve recently made a work life balance adjustments which is working my 35 hour week over four days instead of five.  Although the days out of the house are long and the evenings shorter, the extra day at … Continue reading

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Changing direction overnight

I have a new life coach who has set me off on a tangent thinking about my short and long term goals. Although I am a self-motivated person, life coaching keeps me on track. A couple of weeks ago, my … Continue reading

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