Batteries set to ‘recharge’

I have split this blog into two parts ‘batteries empty’ and ‘batteries on recharge’.  Up until today, I’d had ‘one of those weeks’ where everything has felt too much.  Fortunately I have just over a week off work now which I am really looking forward to. The plan is to recharge my batteries before going back to work. 

Batteries empty

I’ve desparately tried to fight a cold this week coupled with hayfever at its worst.  I struggled on at work (as you do) but yesterday it got the better of me and I had to go home part way through the day.

Also, imagine having to tell your child that she cannot go to a birthday party because ‘mummy forgot to confirm the invite’.  That was also me yesterday.  My little one was so sweet about it when I apologised to her.  “That’s okay mummy,” she said.   “It’s not your fault”.  She’s not even five yet and so much more in control than me sometimes. 

If you’re a parent, you will be able to relate to the amount of party invites and other papers that come home with your children.  Fortunately the invites are all organised on our noticeboard in the kitchen for once, but what’s the use of that if you haven’t replied to them. I’ve now asked the girls to help me out by checking with me if I’ve replied and then marking the invite accordingly. 

Anyway, back to focusing on my days off. My friend Myra read something the other week about taking time off (to alleviate stress) every 62 days.  Remembering that the last week I took off was around the time of the Royal Wedding, that sort of makes next week about two months later. What a good tip that was; I’m so ready for my week off!  Thanks Myra.

Batteries on recharge

Today can only be described as the best ‘me day’ that I’ve had in ages.  My partner was at home too, but stayed out the way upstairs (I’m not an ogre really!).  He also collected the girls from school and took them to have their hair cut.  This left me with ample time for:

  • an Indian head massage and eye brow shape (thanks Marianne).  I felt so relaxed after the massage and it was a fantiastic experience.  Will definitely book that again (tomorrow maybe – ha ha). 
  • meditation for one whole hour (without interruptions).
  • lunch
  • a girly film – ‘The Holiday’, whilst curled up under a blanket.  It was raining today and I felt cold…oh and I put the fire on too.
  • exercise for an hour – Kundalini Yoga by Maya Fiennes.  A detox and destress DVD!  I love that one, it’s brilliant (see the ‘Books and DVDs’ page on my website for more details
  • Cooked and ate my delicious home-made shepherds pie with the family.
  • A few hours lovely family time.
  • Lots of blogging…

Hope your day has been as good as mine.

Until next time…


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  1. This is the first time I am visiting your blog and happy to read this post. I found this post is really useful one.. I love reading this kind of stuff. Your blog is one of a kind, i love the way you organize the topics.

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