More Weekend Decuttering…

Dressing table after the decluttering

I actually slept better last night after clearing the beside table yesterday. I’m definitely finding it a lot easier to declutter when I only need to focus on one small thing a day, so this challenge is really working for me. When it’s the weekend as well and I find myself with more time, I am motivated to carry on and do more.

Today, I put everything from the dressing table into a box, gave it a quick wipe and polish and only put back a few things. The rest got put away somewhere else.

I have no idea how and when the clutter piled up in the first place, and as usual I am very embarrassed by the ‘before’ picture below!

Dressing table before the decluttering

Oh, and one more thing… I actually fixed the front of the drawer which fell off a while ago.

More decluttering tomorrow.

Until then…


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