Making Use of Plant Pots and a Solar Lantern From the Garage

My seeds have been doing well in the conservatory from when I planted them just over two weeks ago. Here is one successful tray of seedlings 🌱 …

As mentioned yesterday, I searched the depths of the garage for some pots, and found nine in all shapes and sizes. I also stumbled upon a solar lantern. If it wasn’t for the Covid-19 pandemic and the shops being closed, I probably would have gone out and bought pots, so I feel good that I’m recycling these ones. The lantern was a good find as well.

Here are a few of the geraniums and whirlybird mix seedlings 🌱 that felt that needed repotting…

I’ve left them in the conservatory for now until they are a little bit more established (I’m new at this so think I’m doing it right). Just need to remember to water them.

The solar lantern

I opened the lantern box and discovered that it was brand new. It had a receipt in it from March 2011! I wasn’t sure if it belonged to me or my mum and dad (as I once looked after some of their belongings in the garage). I rang my mum but she wasn’t sure whose it was and said that I might as well use it. Having little solar panels in the top of the lantern and rechargeable batteries, it charged nicely during the sunny spells today. I was really pleased when it lit up in the garden this evening…

Solar lantern by day and by night

It’s been a productive couple of days.

Until tomorrow…



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4 Responses to Making Use of Plant Pots and a Solar Lantern From the Garage

  1. seedlings look great. I have always waited until they got their first true leaves (another set) until I did anything with them. Great for finding all those pots. I sorted mine out after last summer and I have determined that I need more as my houseplants have grown and need to be divided so I am in need of smaller ones. Going to take them all outside and scrub them down to get ready for spring planting. I am behind you weather wise by at least two weeks.

    • Thanks for the seedling tips. When I started to divide them I did think that I was a bit early as there weren’t many roots, so left the rest in the original trays. Good luck with your plants; I know that you can’t wait to get out into the garden 😊

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