Day 165: More Indoor and Outdoor Plants, and Dinner in the Garden

I woke up quite refreshed after the second night sleeping in the tent in the garden. It was quite nice lying there listening to the birds tweeting. I then enjoyed my breakfast in the tent until a house fly took a nose dive into my cup of tea 😀, so I had to go and make another one.

Breakfast in the tent with a fly in my tea

The new indoor plant

Kentish palm indoor plant

After the girls painted the lounge for us a couple of weeks ago, my eldest made a suggestion to buy a nice tall plant and put in next to the TV. She chose a real Kentish Palm and a white pot and it arrived today. It came completely boxed up and I was impressed that email instructions had arrived from the company the day before letting me know how I should care of the plant as soon as it had arrived, due to it being in transit for a few days.

I had to unbox everything and then put the plant in a bucket of water for an hour outside in the shade. It’s now sitting in the lounge and is a lovely addition to the room.

The new outdoor plants

Red salvia plants

As I was waiting in a queue outside Asda yesterday I picked up a tray of six red salvia bedding plants. It was a lovely sunny day today so I spent most of it in the garden pottering about and finding places to put the plants. My husband and I had steak, chips and spinach in the garden with a glass of wine late afternoon. It was very pleasant.

Steak, chips and spinach

There was a fire in the garden next door this evening very close to our fence, and although it’s all put out now, I decided against sleeping in the tent in the garden.

Looking forward to another sunny day tomorrow so that I can get out for a walk and do some more gardening. I also desperately need to do some cleaning inside the house as it’s all getting a bit out of control again.

Until tomorrow…



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2 Responses to Day 165: More Indoor and Outdoor Plants, and Dinner in the Garden

  1. Fly just wanted in on the fun! I love how house plants soften the look of a room. They supposedly help clean the air.

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