Day 204: Out Goes Some Returned Items and in Comes a Beautiful New Chair

I popped out today to return some items from Amazon that have been sitting around the house for a few weeks. It will not only be good to get a refund as soon as possible, but I’ll also no longer be tripping over the boxes and having to move them every time I want to sweep the floor! I ran a few other errands whilst I was out as well. It was actually good to be out and about, although I noticed very little social distancing going on. Things will be very different in a couple of days because masks are going to be mandatory in all shops in the UK from Friday 24 July. I only have a pack of disposable ones…

Disposable masks

… but I think I may look into getting a proper material one that can be washed. I’ll need to do some research and read some online reviews. Does anyone else have any preferences on disposable vs. material masks?

The best chair in the house

My eldest daughter has been doing a lot of research online to get ideas for her new room and I love the look of everything she has shown me (I’m getting quite excited myself). We’re not going to be ordering any large items just yet as we would struggle to find places to store them before the room gets emptied and decorated; however, there was one item that I was okay with ordering which was a new chair (you may remember me saying a couple of weeks ago that the one she’d had for years had broken).

It was in the sale when we ordered it last week so that made it even more worth it. When the large box arrived today, my daughter looked so excited and she hasn’t stopped smiling all day. Her words were “this is the most comfortable thing in my room – more comfortable than my bed”. She added a cushion and a blanket and kept dragging it from room to room to sit on it. I tried it out quickly and said if she ever goes off it, I’ll have it 😉.

An evening stroll

A pleasant evening walk

My youngest teen met up with a few friends this afternoon and they were still chatting on the green by early evening. My eldest mentioned about going for a walk (I think she missed her and wanted to see if she was okay). As we walked arm in arm around the green, we noticed that there were a lot of other mini groups of people out and about having fun; something to do with some of the primary schools finishing today for the summer holidays.

A very pleasant evening. Hope yours has been good too.

Until tomorrow…



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2 Responses to Day 204: Out Goes Some Returned Items and in Comes a Beautiful New Chair

  1. I have 3 reusable masks. 2 were made for me with my choice of color and fabric the other was one I bought at the beginning of lockdown, but it is a little warmer than the others. People in the medical field need the disposables not me.

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