Day 216: Anniversary Celebrations, Shopping, Recycling, and Two Charity Bags Collected

Our anniversary meal out

My husband and I went out for the afternoon as it’s our anniversary. It was a lovely sunny day so we spent some time in a large garden centre as we had some vouchers to spend that are going to expire soon. We bought some nice pots for the citrix plants that my husband bought me for my birthday earlier in the year, and a couple of rose bushes. More about that tomorrow when we do the repotting.

We ate at one of our favourite restaurants Frédéric Bistro this afternoon. I was really looking forward to it as we haven’t eaten out for almost five months. The tables were nicely spread out and the place was lovely and airy. I had a glass of prosecco, fillet steak with peppercorn sauce and fries. For dessert I had the pear tart (which I asked to be warmed up, yum) and ice cream. It tasted as good as we remembered it. We were also able to take advantage of the 50% off government scheme that started in most restaurants today.

The girls didn’t want to come out with us today as they were looking forward to having an afternoon to themselves. We appreciated the time to ourselves as well. We bought them back a MacDonalds and they were so grateful.

Apart form the restaurant and the car, we had to wear our face masks on and off today so it was nice to get home and be mask free. Being a Monday it was pretty empty in the shops though.

Recycling & charity stuff

I had a big job to do when I got home which was to finish breaking down the boxes and packing them up to be stored outside for recycling as they’re picking up tomorrow. It was great to get it all out of the garden as it was taking up a lot of room.

I also couldn’t believe it when two charity bags that I left outside last night got picked up this morning (I should have left more out!). This leaflet came through the door last week and it said collection on Monday.

I’ve tried leaving bags out before when different leaflets have come through but no one picked them up, but thankfully this time they did. I was so pleased that I’ve finally found a way to get rid of the bags that are accumulating. I’ll be looking out for more leaflets over the coming weeks.

It was lovely to have the day off today, but it made it feel more like the weekend than a Monday. Back to work tomorrow.

Until then…



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7 Responses to Day 216: Anniversary Celebrations, Shopping, Recycling, and Two Charity Bags Collected

  1. Glad you had a nice anniversary celebration.

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  3. murphysmomneedstomop says:

    Happy Anniversary.

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