Day 221: A Haircut (at Last) and a Social Distancing Barbecue With Family

When my phone rang 45 minutes before my hair appointment this morning, I thought that they were going to cancel it (I would have been devastated); however, they were telling me that they were running 15 minutes late. This worked in my favour because I hadn’t had breakfast, Tesco had just delivered my shopping, and I was still putting it away.

My first haircut in 7 months

Haircut at Saks

All masked up, I was excited to enter Saks hairdressers and it was lovely seeing the manager and my hairdresser Gina after all this time. They had very secure visors on which looked really comfortable. They sort of work like glasses but with the plastic visor covering the face. They took my temperature and I was shown to the room I was going to have my hair cut in. My bag had to go into a plastic box but I was allowed to keep my phone out. Apart from the hair washing part (where I got to put my feet up) I stayed in the separate room. A plastic cover (with an opening for my head) was put over me to completely cover my clothes, and the hair cut began.

Gina wasn’t as concerned about the condition of my hair as I had been. She just said that it needed about an inch off the length and a bit more than that off the long layers as it had lost its shape. This would give it a lighter feel and I could still keep the length.

We had a good chat during the cut and blow dry, and I walked out of there feeling amazing. I can actually run my fingers through my hair without it falling out! She put my mind at rest and said that we all lose about 100 hairs a day, and because I was trying not to brush it as often, it probably appeared that more were falling out than usual when I did brush it.

The family barbecue this afternoon

My husband did well with the barbecuing side and I prepared the salad and other bits and pieces. My girls managed to maintain social distancing with their five cousins and still have fun by playing games and going out for a walk.

I actually got to sit down and relax for some of the afternoon in between getting everyone everything they needed. We were lucky with the weather and we sat under the trees in the garden as it was too hot to sit in the full sun.

There’s not much clearing up to do either as we were recycling and throwing things away as we used them. The dishwasher is already full and switched on and I even included the two small grills from the barbecue. I couldn’t be dealing with burnt on food tomorrow!

A nice comment

One thing that really made my day was my mother-in-law’s lovely comment on how great the garden looked. She said that she could see how much effort I had put in. My youngest overheard her and said how happy she was that she’d said that to me.

I’m so pleased that there’s still one day of the weekend left.

Until tomorrow…



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3 Responses to Day 221: A Haircut (at Last) and a Social Distancing Barbecue With Family

  1. Nice cut! I was so happy when I went back to get mine cut too. I actually realized that I liked it a little longer. Sounds like you are enjoying some much needed downtime.

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