Day 286: Upstairs Plastering is Now Complete, and I Sold Some More Clutter

Another full and busy day today. I was pleased that I managed to empty most of the spare room last night because the plasterer was waiting outside when I got back from the school run this morning. He started on the spare room which meant that my husband had to work downstairs. The spare room was finished by lunchtime. I think it looks really good.

Before and after plastering ceiling

My daughter is pleased that something has been done about her new room (she’s been waiting for months for me to clear it).

The only bit of plastering left to do was our bedroom walls which needed making good after the wardrobes had been knocked out last week. Some of the wall to the left of the window where the wardrobe was, was a different level to the rest of the wall (from when the house was built 25+ years ago). To fix this, the plasterer cut some plasterboard to size, fitted it and then plastered over it. It looks fantastic.

Before and after plastering sections of wall

By 5pm he was clearing up. All of the upstairs is now complete!


It’s recycling day tomorrow which means that I had to drag the bin round and the other containers. I didn’t have as much cardboard as usual which is really unlike me. I think it’s the first time this year that I haven’t had to put out separately filled cardboard boxes in addition to the plastic tub that the council provide.

Charity Bags tomorrow

Can you believe how quickly this day has come round? A couple of weeks ago, I committed to taking ten more charity bags to the shop on 13 October. I haven’t been in the garage to bag things up for almost a week as I’ve been busy clearing in the house.

I have the morning off so I’m going to spend a few hours in there getting bags tied up and into my car. Looking forward to creating more space in the garage.

I sold some clutter!

I sold these two very different items yesterday and today on Facebook Marketplace and they are being collected tomorrow.

Clutter be gone

I don’t know what made me sell the mirror so quickly because we haven’t bought any other furniture yet and I now won’t have a mirror. This really is against my ways to get rid of clutter before I need to 😀. Am I changing? I probably could have got more than £5 for it because I had two people interested soon after posting it.

Anyway, as usual clutter doesn’t leave as quickly as it should… the lady (who lives 20 minutes drive away) tried to find my house and couldn’t and she gave up and went home. She messaged me and I didn’t see it straight away. She’s coming back during the day sometime this week. Once it’s gone, that’s one less thing in the house collecting dust.

As far as the build-a-bear Santa outfit is concerned, I can’t believe that I ended up selling that for more than the mirror… for £7. That’s being collected tomorrow.

So, an eventful day and a good start to the week. I hope it’s been the same for you.

Until tomorrow…



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  1. Maybe in the back of your mind you really want a mirror that mounts on the wall so it doesn’t take up space on a flat surface?

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