Day 294: Utility Room Floor Cleared, and Work Continues on En-suite

The day has whizzed by today. The plumbers were here again working on knocking out more of the cupboard and creating a structure for the shower wall. They found a lot of damp and said that the shower wasn’t built very well. Whoever had put it in before basically did a bodge job (as they say). Apparently it’s one of the worst built en-suites that they’ve seen.

It’s always been a problem to us with the smell in there and now we know why. The rotten wooden structure on the back wall of the shower will have to be replaced. It was built so badly that the dividing wall into the room was moving as he shook it.

I’m so glad we didn’t just put a new shower in over the old one. The problems would have still been there.

Not sure if I mentioned it yesterday but the plumber had an idea about adding in some tiled shelving in the walls next to the sink, and making a small bespoke cupboard in the bedroom. This way, most of the old space is utilised. He’s come back this evening with a quote on this extra work and I need to let him know by the morning. It’s more expensive than I thought, but my daughter seems happy and he can get it all done in the same timeframe using his chippy (or carpenter as we call it).

Today we had to decide on the type of bathroom suite, shower, shower door etc that we wanted (will be confirming that with him in the morning) and tomorrow my daughter and I are going out to look at tiles as apparently they should have been ordered by now.

The utility room

I felt a bit fed up with the mess downstairs this morning to the point where I couldn’t even get to the washing machine because of the junk on the floor in there. I picked up one thing and worked out what to do with it and it sort of spiralled from there.

I had the morning off, and so I spent about three hours clearing stuff in the utility room and the dining room that’s been accumulating. I filled two more charity bags, which pleased me. I felt so much clearer-headed afterwards.

This is the utility room floor now. It’s too embarrassing to show you the before picture.

Deliveries & painting

My daughter’s new mattress turned up today and also the Ikea furniture. She’s very excited to put it all in her new room at the weekend. The bed isn’t arriving until next week though. The builders won’t have finished the bathroom, but she will have finished painting her room.

She did some more painting this evening. There’s actually not much left to do now. I’m so proud of what she’s achieved.

Until tomorrow..



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2 Responses to Day 294: Utility Room Floor Cleared, and Work Continues on En-suite

  1. I am sure she will love it and be even more proud because she put in the work. We went to a big box retailer to buy our tiles, they had plenty in stock that we liked and they were cheaper. Don’t know if you have anything like that where you are, if you can it will make the decision process a whole bunch easier.

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