Day 324: Knowing When to Listen to Your Body… and Relax

I didn’t have the best of days today. It started off ok but by the time I’d done the school run and then gone back out late morning to my orthodontist appointment, half the day had gone. Also, how did it get to Thursday so quickly?

The vacuum cleaner saga continues

The part turned up for my vacuum cleaner and when I fitted it, it still made the same low suction noise. My husband seemed to think he knew what the problem was, so I rang Shark and he spoke to them. They ended up saying that as they couldn’t get us a new base (they don’t make them anymore) they would send us a brand new upgraded replacement vacuum cleaner. That seemed far to extravagant but it was the only way apparently and it was free as part of the warranty. We had to send the old one back first though. Something else for me to do!

Finding the box

Guess what? The only box I didn’t crush and recycle from the garage was the Shark one. I must have known! I asked my daughter to print me a label, then I boxed everything up and took it down to our local shop for DPD pick up. I didn’t even wrap the box up, I just stuck the label to the Shark box.

Feeling the tension

I got back and half the afternoon had gone and no decluttering or clearing done and my neck felt tense. I was feeling a bit down probably because it’s almost the end of the week and I don’t feel like I’ve made much progress. Everywhere I looked seemed to be a mess (which looking back wasn’t actually true, but it’s how I felt at the time).

I was trying too hard to get things done and I should know better than that. All my body was telling me to do was rest. I thought about watching a film in the lounge but husband had decided to work in there for the afternoon on the sofa! I’m sure he would have moved if I’d asked him to but I’m not very good at asking for what I want.

So, at almost 4pm, I succumbed to my neckache and irritableness and listened to what my body was telling me. I took the small TV that I’d been temporarily using in the kitchen (it was previously in our bedroom) and set it up in the study. To add to the stress, I then couldn’t get the Firestick to work in the TV, so I gave up.

I needed to be by myself

I sat in silence for a while to take control of my thoughts. I knew that a cup of tea, a couple of biscuits and some chocolate would help 😀. I then curled up in a tiny space on the old sofa in the extremely cluttered study and watched a feel good film on Netflix on my laptop. I chose one that I hadn’t seen for a while – You’ve Got Mail – which is one of my dad’s favourites and I love watching it too. Half way through, my daughter came in and cuddled up to me to watch the second half which was so lovely. She needed a break from her school work.

Other similar films that I think I’ll watch this week are Sleepless in Seattle and An Affair to Remember. If you know the films you will know that they are all linked in some way.

It was early evening by the time I’d finished and I felt so much better having rested and also having switched off my mind from the house. I’m slowly learning to release the control and detach myself from the clutter, and my neck and shoulder muscles are thanking me for listening to my body.

I felt so much more energised when making dinner. It was late when we ate, but I felt ok about it. I glanced at the piles of mess everywhere and it didn’t bother me. It will all be there tomorrow and I’ll probably feel more like tackling it then.

Time for a detoxing salt bath and candles – I really need it!

Until tomorrow…



About Sandra Madeira

I am a full-time working mum with a passion for writing and inspiring others. Subjects I tend to blog about are life skills, parenting, decluttering, worklife balance, etc. At the moment I am on a decluttering mission creating space in my house, garden and mind. I have challenged myself to do at least ten minutes a day and write about it. Have a good day! Sandra Freelance Writer
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