Day 347: The Lounge Gets a Makeover and the New Loft Hatch and Ladder Is Fitted

We had quite a bit of work done around the house today. First to arrive was the carpenter and his son to fit the loft hatch. We ended up with a new ladder as well quite by chance. All we were expecting was for him to make a hatch door as he’d already reattached our existing ladder to the hatch when he made the opening bigger back at the beginning of October. Then there was a delay with him coming back because of the second lockdown, and we had to make do with the temporary hatch until today.

To help us make the decision, he showed us the pack that he’d bought which was an energy efficient timber ladder and door combined, with insulation built in. He said that it was more sturdy than the metal one we have and it was a completely sealed unit that would stop any heat escaping, and it had a lock. We agreed to it and he had it fitted in no time and added a bit of architrave around the outside as well.

Whilst they were here finishing off that, the decorator arrived to start on our lounge. I helped her move some of our furniture and she covered everything up including our tree.

I then started moving everything off my husband’s desk in our bedroom because I thought that the carpenter would need to move it in order to fit the bits of skirting that were missing around the areas where he had removed the wardrobes a couple of months ago. Whilst clearing, it gave me the opportunity to clean the desk as it had got a bit dusty around there, particularly where we’d had the spotlights put in and the holes filled by the plasterer earlier in the week.

Knocked on the head by a pieced of skirting board!

As I was dragging a few items out from down the side of the desk to get to the spare bits of skirting board, I didn’t realise that a cable was wrapped round the propped up skirting board and it came flying towards me whacking me on the head in the process. I felt a bit silly because if I had just slowed down a bit and thought about what I was doing it wouldn’t have happened. It did give me a small bump on the head, but I was ok. I just carried on!

It turned out later on that he didn’t need to move the desk in order to fit the missing pieces of skirting. I really must stop doing unnecessary jobs!

Thankfully, I had a hair appointment at 10am and was looking forward to this hour to myself. Gina is so lovely and such a good listener which is a good job really as I had a lot on my mind that I needed to get out 😀!

I arrived back to a newly fitted loft hatch and they demonstrated to me how it works.

Timber insulated loft hatch

I’m pleased that I can now get in and out of the loft easily and it’s so much quieter than the noisy metal contraption. I can now sneak in and out of the loft to my hearts content 😂. I should have it clear and organised in no time… next year though!!

The only thing is that the old ladder (clutter to us now, but still in good condition) is sitting in our loft and I’ll probably try and sell it. I’ll add that to my list, but there’s no rush.

Just before I went out to the town with my daughter to pick up her contact lenses, the window cleaner turned up. This always triggers me thinking about the inside of the windows to get the full benefit of what he does. I’ll add that to my list for the week and use my Minky cloth to do it.

I was so exhausted after making dinner this evening having had another full-on day, that I ended up having a 3 hour sleep on the study sofa quite by accident. My daughter woke me up asking if there was anything she could help me with as she knew that I had a lot to do. As it was 11.30pm and I said that she should go to sleep. I quickly amended the shopping order and ran a bath.

Although that long sleep has taken the edge off falling asleep tonight, I don’t think I’ll struggle too much to get a few more hours. A sleep meditation will help me drift off.

Hope you’ve all had a good Saturday.

Until tomorrow…



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I am a full-time working mum with a passion for writing and inspiring others. Subjects I tend to blog about are life skills, parenting, decluttering, worklife balance, etc. At the moment I am on a decluttering mission creating space in my house, garden and mind. I have challenged myself to do at least ten minutes a day and write about it. Have a good day! Sandra Freelance Writer
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2 Responses to Day 347: The Lounge Gets a Makeover and the New Loft Hatch and Ladder Is Fitted

  1. A very eventful day. I have learned to ask even with a little woe is me attitude if I have to do anything to facilitate a project for a workman. They usually say no. Hope the bump didn’t make the hair appointment painful.

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