Day 349: A Shock in the Lounge… and Xmas Decs Get New Homes

Just when we thought it was safe to go into the lounge…

I popped into the lounge this morning to vacuum the sofa, mop the floor and start moving stuff back, and to my horror I found this mess in the corner behind the tree…

Newly plastered and painted ceiling

The new plaster had come off the ceiling in the night. Luckily I hadn’t pushed the tree back in its place so only a couple of pieces landed on it. I messaged the plasterer and he’s coming to assess the area and fix it tomorrow which is good of him. We’ll then need it painting again at some point, but I can’t think about that right now as there is too much else going on.

Paint samples for hallway

My daughter and I went out this evening to get some paint samples as the decorator is making a start on the hallway, stairs and landing tomorrow and needs to know what colour we want (we’re so last minute with everything!). We painted some patches on the wall but my husband didn’t like any of them so he’s going out tomorrow to get some more samples. We’re cutting it really fine to get something in time for it to be painted.

Dining room clutter: organising decorations

I had such a busy day at work that I didn’t get a chance to continue sorting out the dining room until late this evening. My eight Really Useful Boxes had turned up on the doorstep in a large cardboard box part way through the day, and I didn’t bother trying to get it into the house due to its size. So, I opened the box outside and brought the boxes in one by one. It was so much easier and I put the large cardboard box straight out for recycling.

As these new boxes were adding to the stuff already in the dining room, I started sorting through the Christmas decoration boxes this evening. I flattening each cardboard box as I went and sorted the contents into categories in their new boxes.

Before and after organising

I’m slowly getting the dining room back to normal. Even though I was organising the above after 11pm this evening, it felt so amazing to be finally storing the decorations in tidy boxes that I can see through, and to be getting rid of the ugly cardboard boxes that have been stuck with tape so many times over the years. Thank you livingeveryday2017 for suggesting see-through storage boxes, it was a great idea. I’ll be storing mine in the loft I think.

I’m shattered now as it’s so late but I’m equally happy with my progress today!

Until tomorrow…



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7 Responses to Day 349: A Shock in the Lounge… and Xmas Decs Get New Homes

  1. Sheree says:

    I would be lost without those Really Useful storage boxes.

  2. Those boxes will be a game changer. Wonder if the plaster hadn’t fully cured before it was painted which might have caused it to come off. Too damp and the weight and water content of the paint ripped it off.

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