The Time Consuming Job of Sorting Out Clothes

My husband was designing our new bedroom wardrobes today and wanted to know how many hanging sections we needed and what sizes. I couldn’t really answer because it obviously depends on what I’m keeping, so my mission today was to go through all my clothes once and for all and make decisions.

After pottering about doing other things this morning and then watching a film this afternoon, I didn’t really make a start on sorting out the clothes until around 4.30pm.

I wasn’t really looking forward to doing this task as I’ve put it off for so long, but I knew that it needed to be done. The method I used was to hold each piece of clothing in my hands and as Mari Condo says only decide to keep it if it brings joy.

There was a large suitcase of clothes to go through that I’d started trying on a few months ago but never finished. I began with that and made good progress.

These are the ones I’m putting in a charity bag so far…

Clothes to be donated

The girls made me laugh when I was trying some of the clothes on. A couple of outfits got the comment ‘that looks like a young person’s outfit’. I responded that I was young once 😂.

On the flip side, I found a short black dress that I forgot I had and everyone liked that one. So, that’s a keeper.

Once I’d gone through everything in the suitcase, I made a start on tshirts and surprised myself by getting rid of some that I hadn’t worn for a while. I didn’t finish as we ended up playing some family games this evening, so I’ll share a further update tomorrow.

Snow forecast overnight!

Until next time…



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3 Responses to The Time Consuming Job of Sorting Out Clothes

  1. It is time consuming to try everything on and really look at them, but it will pay off in the long run. You won’t have to paw through so many clothes to find what to wear and the ones you are left with, you really like.

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