A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Change the Whole Feel of a Room

A fresh coat of paint in the kitchen/dining room

It’s been a little hectic around here lately but as we’ve had a couple of months of getting more rooms decorated, I’m starting to feel a bit more organised. Early September we had our kitchen/dining room redecorated and it’s brought a new lease of life to the place and allowed me to shift some more clutter. The walls had been a blue colour for around five years and… it… just… needed… to… go…!

My daughter (who has a good eye for what goes with what) hated the colour for years and now it’s decorated I’m so glad she kept on about it, ha ha. I’m so pleased that we made the change because the space is so much brighter and more welcoming and I love it!

This is what it used to look like…

Kitchen/dining room before we painted

We now have a much brighter room, I’ve also put less back on the surfaces… and I have managed to keep it that way. It’s changed the whole feel of the room and we’re all spending more time in the space as a family. I also think that the colour of the worktop goes better with this new colour on the walls.

Newly decorated kitchen

It’s funny how long it takes to make decisions sometimes, and it’s even funnier when you end up painting it the same colour as the hallway and landing that was decorated almost a year ago. It doesn’t help when you and your partner don’t agree with each other either on colours… and then there are the teenagers that have their opinion too. I like to include them because they live here too. It does make things harder though.

My husband originally wanted to keep the blue colour but wanted a slightly darker shade to match the blinds. We tried quite a few blue paint samples and he quite liked the idea of having a feature wall where the mirror was. That was the decision the night before the decorator arrived…

Trying out different shades of blue paint

… but right at the last minute my husband changed his mind and said to get it all painted the neutral colour which is Magic Touch by Valspar (B&Q). Although he thought that it would look like a science lab with everything being a very light colour, I think he likes the end result. The blue blinds don’t actually look out of place either and I seem to be closing them every evening now because it’s a nice contrast against the light wall rather than just seeing a sea of blue.

Blue window blinds against lighter wall

The bedroom got decorated too

The following week we had our bedroom painted which meant another decision about paint colours. I got quite a few samples because I wanted my husband to choose this one. I was longing for the ceiling to be painted too, as we had it plastered a year ago and the new spot lights were still hanging down. It wasn’t a pleasant room to sleep in.

As you know, my husband is not keen on the lighter colours in particular grey, but… guess what… he chose the same colour as the hallway and the kitchen/dining room. His view was that it would make everything tie in and it would feel like a new house. Although it was a bit of an upheaval not being able to use the bedroom for almost a week whilst we shifted furniture around and allowed our decorator to work on the ceiling and walls, it did give me the opportunity to take some of the clutter out and it hasn’t gone back!

Wall painted in Magic Touch (Valspar)

The room feels so much clearer and cleaner and I’ve definitely slept better without the clutter facing me as I wake up. We still need to get wardrobes and carpet so watch this space for updated photos once that’s all finished.

More posts on decorating to follow including a very exciting chalkboard wall.

Until next time…



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2 Responses to A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Change the Whole Feel of a Room

  1. Huge difference . . . just saying I love the new look. Claudia

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