Take the true parts of criticism and work on that

When someone complains to you about something, for example, “I’ve only seen you for 10 minutes today because you were so busy doing other things…” don’t become defensive and come up with lots of reasons why they shouldn’t have felt like that. Also, don’t try and justify why it was so important that you had to do those ‘other things’.

Instead, say “Sorry, I’ll make the effort to spend more time with you tomorrow”.

Even though no one likes criticism, it’s good to break it down and understand why the other person has said it. Yes, some of the time it will be an exaggeration, and other times it could be ninety percent true. Whatever it is, try and bite your lip and respond in a positive and calm way.

People say things for a reason and it’s a good job they do otherwise you wouldn’t know what they were thinking and how they were feeling. Agree to the portion of the criticism that is true and work on that.

Look at it as an opportunity to work on yourself which in turn can help you grow as a person.

Until next time…


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Emptying the dishwasher to the beat of the music

I got in from work this evening faced with kitchen duties and dinner. I asked Alexa to play some music and the first track was ‘Jump’ by The Pointer Sisters. I then poured a glass of wine and emptied the dishwasher to the beat of the music!

Happy weekend everyone!


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TV Area Decluttered in the Spare Room

We now have our ‘TV watching area’ decluttered in the spare room. You may remember yesterday that I posted a blog about decluttering the desk and then waited for my daughters to come home from school and help me move it across the room. Well, here it is the newly cleared space where the desk used to be…

It’s such a nice thought that I can come into this room whenever I want to relax, and I actually did that today.

The desk is set up over the other side of the room and pictures of that will follow once the bookshelves are organised and papers/folders tidied. Having said that, the desk is clear for me to write so that’s exactly where I am now.

It feels so good to have a clear space for writing and another area for relaxing whenever I need to take a break.

Until next time…

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Desk Decluttering Achieved

Whilst my daughters have been at school today, I’ve decluttered the whole desk including drawers. Even though we were given the desk second hand, I’d forgotten what good condition it was in and how grand it looked.

I was drawn to sit at the desk and write… even before it has made its way across the room.

Now, some of my stuff will have to go back on the top of the desk and in the drawers, but hopefully only what I need as I’m going for a more minimalistic look. I’m feeling so excited about the new layout of the room.

You may remember my messy desk from my previous blog. I don’t think I’ll ever let it get like that again!

BEFORE: There was a desk somewhere…

Check in with me later, once my daughters are home and we’ve moved the desk across the room and organised our TV area.

Until then…

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Almost tried to reorganise whilst decluttering

I forgot about my blog Decluttering vs. Organising when faced with my messy desk yesterday. I was trying to organise the layout of the room and then suddenly remembered that my focus should have been on decluttering. Shame on me.

Whilst I’ve been tidying the spare room over the last few weeks, everything seems to have found its way onto and around the desk making it impossible to use. My mind felt cluttered and I couldn’t think straight.

There is a desk here somewhere…

I asked my daughter what I could do with the whole room to make it better. At just fourteen, she has such a good eye for design. She started talking about colour schemes and a new settee. There was even mention of a new carpet. “Whoa”, I said, starting to feel stresssed amongst my clutter. “I can’t think that far ahead. Decluttering needs to be done first, but I need something to motivate me. What shall I do?”

Her suggestion was to make one side of the room a socialising and TV area and the other half of the room for working at the desk. I envisaged it instantly and in my mind saw a comfortable chair for reading as well – one of those nice swivel ones that have a separate foot rest. So excited :-).

Remaining in decluttering mode

So, the overall plan was that the desk needed to make its way to the other side of the room which wasn’t going to be an easy job as the rest of the room has already got stuff there. I began decluttering and felt proud of the 4 charity bags and 1 rubbish bag that I filled yesterday.

Desk decluttering next.

Until then…

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Recharging Batteries before Getting Organised

Herne Bay

Sometimes the best use of our time is doing nothing and sometimes we just need to get organised. Sometimes the former needs to be done before you are in the right fame of mind to do the latter. No one can tell you what the best thing is for you, you just need to work it out for yourself from how you are feeling.

Feeling out of control

I felt really stressed and overwhelmed a couple of days ago and I put it down to not being organised. Now, if you’ve been following my blogs you will know that I’ve been trying really hard to keep on top of the clutter and also the daily routines. However, being school half term, the routines have been different and I’ve missed my walks, visits to the gym and the odd hour to myself.

I could quite easily have fitted all of that in but for some reason I’ve been attending to everyone else’s needs and thought I’d be fine. But then it caught up with me and all I wanted to do was get everything around me sorted out and in its place. Everthing started to feel too much and I didn’t know where to start. You see, if I’m improving the space around me, it makes me feel better. When I’m doing other things, I feel behind.

When I get that feeling I wish I could separate out my stress from reality. I need to be able to flex what I’m doing. I need to be able to ask for what I want. I need to book time off for myself when I need it…

…. and that’s exactly what I did. I booked a couple of days off from work next week to get on top of things. These were the days that I’d cancelled last week because I thought that I didn’t need them. I should have trusted myself.

But before getting stuck into improving the way things are around the house, the girls and I stayed overnight at my mum and dad’s in Herne Bay and I recharged my batteries. We went for a lovely walk in the autumn sunshine and stopped at an ice cream parlour.

Herne Bay Beach

Delicious Kinder Flavour Ice Cream

Last night my mum cooked us meat pie… yum. My brother and nephew came round and we watched an old funny video with all of us in it from 1990. We laughed so much and my girls said how different I was back then.

Positively recharged

Over the last few days, I’ve learnt that I must…

… think more positively when things don’t go my way.

… learn to be more flexible with my time when things feel out of control.

… appreciate that others around me need my time as well, and by spending time with them, it might take my mind off everything else.

… take time out when I need it.

I’m home now and feel ready to tackle the house… after this blog has been posted of course, and I’ve had a cup of tea.

By the time I go back to work I just know that I’m going to feel more organised and in control again.

I would be interested to hear how you deal with overwhelming and out of control feelings when they creep up on you.

Until next time…

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Making Decisions about Clutter

I woke up in the early hours of this morning and when I couldn’t fall back to sleep, I thought about how much clutter I could be clearing in the spare room if I actually had the energy to get up and do it (sad, I know, but it always plays on my mind when it starts to feel out of control).

The reason for the out of control feeling was that I hadn’t followed my usual routines as we’d had a few family days out. It’s amazing how quickly things can get feel on top of you.

Turning things around

I knew that getting the kitchen up straight would make me feel better which didn’t take long. Then I decided to sort through some boxes in spare room, which I’m convinced I’d sorted through before. It sometimes feels like I’m on a snakes and ladders board!

I sat just looking at it all for quite some time, and decided that everything that I still couldn’t get rid of just needed me to make a decision.

I was ruthless with what I placed in the charity bags, as these were items that I’ve put to one side before, just in case someone I know might want them. But then I realised that my spare room was becoming a storage area for ‘people that might want things that I have’… and the funny things is… they don’t even know it.

After a few clutter decisions, I cleared an area of the room. My daughters walked in a couple of hours later and congratulated me, which has motivated me to continue tomorrow.

Until next time…

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