Looking Forward to Meeting my True Self

What would my day look like without clutter?

One of the first things I write in my planner every day under the heading of ‘What are you excited about today?’ is ‘Clearing more space’. That’s how much I want this; however, what would my day look like and what would I be excited to do if I didn’t have to clear space i.e. what am I aiming towards?

I think that this is an important question to ask myself because I have wanted a completely clean, clear and tidy house for years now but what would I do with my time if I had that? Maybe I would do more of the following… write in my journal, read, blog, spend time with the family, go for walks, go shopping (after covid!) or just spend time in silence with my thoughts.

I probably need to be focusing more on that now so that I don’t create clutter just so that I can get excited about clearing space. Does that make sense?

I’ve been listening to the Clutter Chronicles podcast for a couple of weeks now and as Mary (the recovering hoarder) is healing and able to let go of stuff, I can hear in her voice how different she is and she’s starting to detach herself from her belongings. I feel like I know her and I am proud of what she’s achieved. One of the things that she’s been talking about in the latest podcasts I’ve listened to (and I’m up to episode number fifty something now) is how to change your mindset. Once you’ve done that, everything else starts to fall into place.

By changing my mindset, I can start living as if I already have a clear house and have something else as the focus of the day. Even though I still have stuff to clear, I need to find other projects that take my mind off it (even though I enjoy clearing), otherwise I might find myself still prioritising it over other important things (and my family) that are fighting for my time.

Do you remember my goal from last year? It’s time I repeated it below to remind myself what I achieved last year and what I am left to do this year. I knew back then that having this affirmation clear in my mind encouraged me to move in the right direction.

“I have a clear and organised space in my home, my garden and my mind”

Sandra Madeira, 2020 Challenge

So, I think that I need to re-word my morning entry in my planner and say something like ‘I am excited to sit, breath and relax in my clear space’ because I do have clear spaces around the house now, just not everywhere. I must celebrate what I’ve achieved (and get the desk back to looking like this again 😊) .

My true self written into an affirmation

I close my eyes and imagine myself in a clear space. I see myself with my feet up, enjoying the warmth of the sunshine through the window and I’m either reading, writing in my journal, writing a blog about something that I hope will inspire others, or just closing my eyes and thinking. I see myself chatting on the phone, or the family coming in to sit with me, and we’re laughing and creating memories.

My vision is a lot more spontaneous than the life I’m used to. That’s my true self.

Side note: I more or less wrote this whole blog in my head whilst sweeping the floor this morning. That’s how much my mind creates things when I’m clearing. I then put my hands on the keyboard and the words just flowed.

Until next time…



About Sandra Madeira

I am a full-time working mum with a passion for writing and inspiring others. Subjects I tend to blog about are life skills, parenting, decluttering, worklife balance, etc. At the moment I am on a decluttering mission creating space in my house, garden and mind. I have challenged myself to do at least ten minutes a day and write about it. Have a good day! Sandra Freelance Writer www.sandramadeira.com
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7 Responses to Looking Forward to Meeting my True Self

  1. Marina says:

    I find your posts extremely interesting as I am also working my way through A Year to Clear. When you say you are ‘excited’ about clearing, do you think it might be holding you back from reaching the point where you have completely clear spaces because then you won’t be able to get excited about doing it? I long for free time where I have nothing to do but then when I have it, I start filling it up until I have too much on my plate! Aren’t humans complex?!

    • Hi, thank you so much for taking the time to comment and I’m glad you are finding my posts interesting. We are definitely complex human beings, filling up our time until it all gets overwhelming. I have been thinking about what I wrote yesterday about being excited about clearing, and yes, the fact that I look forward to clearing probably does hold me back. I love the fact that you are also working through A Year to Clear; it’s such a great book. I’m confident that as I work through the exercises in the book every day, I will start to detach myself from stuff and get more excited about the clear space rather than actually clearing it. Take care 😊

  2. I liked how you rewrote your affirmation to include a feeling, as in how you feel in your uncluttered space. It makes a difference.

  3. Clearing space is more than just throwing stuff out, it is reclaiming your life. Enjoy what you have accomplished.

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