A ‘me time’ sandwich

This is day seven. I have just one hour left of my three ‘me days ‘ which have been conveniently sandwiched by two four day bank holiday weekends. Once next Tuesday comes around I’ll be back at my desk for ten hours a day!

It’s been lovely being able to walk the girls to school these past few days and then do my ‘own thing’ for six hours before leaving to collect them again. Even if my ‘own thing’ does mean a bit of clutter clearing and cleaning, at least I feel like I am doing something for myself for a change. I even had the opportunity to attend a yoga class this morning instead of yawning through it at 8pm on a Thursday. I’ve also found the time to sit and read a magazine in the garden whilst the sun is still up.

I’ve been able take them to the park, coffee shop and pub gardens after school knowing that there’s nothing to rush home for. It’s all been at a lovely pace (unless anyone saw me rushing around behind closed doors this morning when my youngest decided at the last minute that her crown she’d made for school was too big!).

Dressed in red, white and blue and wearing their pretty home-made crowns, I proudly walked my beautiful girls into school this morning. The school is holding street party all day today so the children can join in the Royal wedding celebrations and there’s lots of fun for everyone. The girls were so excited knowing that they were going to be playing outside most of the day and having the mayor select the best crown from each class during the parade. The fun continues with a disco in the school hall at 3.30pm and the best bit is the ‘Pims tent’ for the parents.

Looking forward to watching the Royal Wedding tomorrow – I hope the weather holds up, although I’ve just heard the first few spots of rain on the conservatory roof!!

Until next time……

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