Shredding Your Personal Data

Shredding scissors or herb scissors

I have always had good intentions of shredding anything containing names, addresses, bank details etc. that is on paperwork that I don’t require. I add it to an ‘already high’ pile and over the years these piles have become hidden in various places around the house. The time never comes to actually sit down and action the pile.

Today, I have made a decision to shred stuff as soon as I see it, using the shredding scissors that I bought many years ago (but only found recently in one of my decluttering sessions).

So, the improvement around the house for today (as part of my 2020 challenge) was to place the scissors in the cupboard under the kitchen counter making them readily available to deal with unwanted post as soon as it comes in. For example, if it’s junk mail, I will use the scissors to cut through the address – first few cuts one way and then turn the paper to cross cut straight into the recycling paper bin. I’ll then throw the rest of the letter in as it is.

So, I’m recycling as part of today’s challenge as well… and I’ve shredded today’s unwanted mail.

What I’m not doing is dealing with the historial piles of shredding, but that’s for another day.

Another use for the scissors

You can apparently use the scissors for cutting herbs as well, but I didn’t know that until I googled ‘shredding scissors’ and found their intended use. I might just purchase another pair for cutting herbs.

Until tomorrow…



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