Day 158: Tackling Some Clutter in the Spare Room, Whilst My Daughter Completes Step 2 of Her Plan

We’re really going for it big time this weekend! My youngest daughter completed step 2 of her decluttering and cleaning plan today which was to sort out her desk. More items ended up in the spare room. As it was a windy, rainy and cold day, I decided that I would tackle some of the clutter in the spare room which has taken a big hit lately with unwanted items from both of my daughters’ bedrooms. This has added to the clutter and unorganised mess that was already in there.

I am okay with them doing this as it gets it out of their space and we are all aware that this room is the general dumping ground for what we don’t want. For this reason it will also be the last room in the house that gets properly organised. We have to be careful to keep the paths clear though as my husband is currently using it as his office. I’m glad that I decided to make a start on it today, otherwise it could have started interfering with him trying to work in there.

Beginning with obvious categories

Marla Stone, author of The Clutter Remedy, says that “humans are natural born pilers”. I am definitely one of those humans. If there is a pile of stuff somewhere, I will put something on top of it, not next to it as that takes up more space, but on top of it if I can. This can create a clutter castle and sometimes it falls over.

She also suggests having open bins or containers in some rooms dedicated to dumping stuff in. It’s gone too far in the spare room to start this process with there being nowhere to even put a container or bin earlier. I just looked at all the mess this morning and said to myself that I just need to start identifying obvious categories. So, as I listened to another chapter of The Clutter Connection, I did the following…

  • I put all books together and piled them up next to the already full bookshelf
  • I used a rubbish bag to throw things straight into as I came across them
  • I put recycling in a box ready to go outside
  • I removed all of the clothes that were covering the old sofa (mainly clothes that the girls don’t want) and then put them in a pile over the other side of the room. Some went into a charity bag but I didn’t do that to all of them for the following reasons (1) I don’t think that my eldest daughter has asked my youngest daughter if she wants any of the clothes, and (2) I have a friend who I can pass some of the good clothes onto after lockdown
  • I put all of the girls’ old school books in a box as they couldn’t decide whether they wanted to keep them or not. Today wasn’t about making decisions anyway, it was about categorising
  • I emptied all unwanted bags including school bags and handbags and put them in a pile. I could see that there were some useful bags and purses that I think that they might need in the future e.g. swimming bags, hardly used tote style bags, and a carry on suitcase.
  • I created a gift wrapping section including paper, ribbons, tissue paper etc., which used to be in a container and organised and now it’s just a heap. Due to clutter piling things have just been thrown over there from a distance
  • I put all cuddly toys in one corner – I’m not even sure why we still have these, and if it’s me that’s still attached to them or the girls!
  • I put games that we’ve recently played, back in the games cupboard. That’ll be an interesting day sorting all of the old games out
  • I put other stuff in a pile as I ran out of time.

Halfway though doing the above, my eldest daughter came in to see if I wanted company and we switched on the TV to see if there was anything we could watch whilst I was sorting stuff out. We ended up watching six episodes of Friends. Later we had something to eat and I vacuumed the sofa and the floor, so that we could relax and watch a movie.

Sofa and clothes pile before and after

I’m only showing a small section above. There’s still a lot to do as this room has a couple of full to the brim cupboards and a lot more corners to declutter (I’m too embarrassed and definitely not brave enough to show pictures of the whole room yet, maybe at the end when it’s all clear). A very productive day though, and at least we can use this room to relax in and watch TV when my husband isn’t working.

Until tomorrow…



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I am a full-time working mum with a passion for writing and inspiring others. Subjects I tend to blog about are life skills, parenting, decluttering, worklife balance, etc. At the moment I am on a decluttering mission creating space in my house, garden and mind. I have challenged myself to do at least ten minutes a day and write about it. Have a good day! Sandra Freelance Writer
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2 Responses to Day 158: Tackling Some Clutter in the Spare Room, Whilst My Daughter Completes Step 2 of Her Plan

  1. I know all about the room used for putting stuff that I couldn’t decide about, boy did that get out of control, now that it is cleaned, NOTHING goes in there. It is a guest room, period.

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