Day 159: How Do You Organise Gift Wrap and Other Related Items?

I’ve always found gift wrap and other related items difficult to organise. If I was just talking about wrapping paper it would be fine, but it’s the ribbons, bows, different size gift bags, tissue paper, bubble wrap, tags and so on. How do you store these things in such a way that you can easily access them?

A while ago I started using a small wooden ottoman in the spare room to store wrapping paper, tissue paper and gift bags. This has stayed relatively organised; however, the box has a lid on top making it difficult to open it if stuff has been piled on top. I’m thinking that drawers might be a better option but I don’t want to buy anything new right now.

Today I decided to tackle this particular section of the spare room. My eldest daughter helped me and we piled everything into the middle of the room and began sorting.

Before sorting the gift wrap items

We found some temporary storage boxes to contain the small items so that most things had their place. We’ve had to place these on top of the ottoman for now as I still have other areas of the room to sort out. Whilst it’s not a permanent solution, at least we know where everything is and it feels a little bit more organised.

After sorting the gift wrap items

I’ve also cleared a space in front of the ottoman so it’s easily accessible and we don’t need to throw things over there from a distance or climb over things to get something.

Do you have a solution for storing gift wrap items?

Until tomorrow…



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4 Responses to Day 159: How Do You Organise Gift Wrap and Other Related Items?

  1. I have a shallow plastic container that I put rolls of paper in. I take all tissue from gift bags smooth it out and fold the stack in half and put it with the empty folded gift bags on a closet shelf in a vertical sorter. I only have a few bows and they are in an empty gift bag hanging from a hanger in closet and ribbons and tags in their own see through plastic container in closet. The wrapping paper container is under a bed in a spare room. I figure if I only have a small space I have to use what I have not get more.

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