Day 172: A Social Distancing Day Out to See Family, A Box of Memories, and An Evening of Board Games

A Seagul

Being Father’s Day tomorrow it gave me a good reason to drive to Herne Bay with the girls to see my mum and dad in their garden. I’ve spoken to them loads and Skyped occasionally, but it was so lovely to see them in person (the last time was February). We took our own packed lunch and some gifts. They have a lovely big garden for us to all sit far enough apart and we were so lucky that it was a warm day.

My brother and family are only ten minutes walk from them so we walked there for a quick catch up as well. They had laid all the chairs out in different sections of the garden when we got there so that we were far enough apart. It was great to see them too.

A box of my stuff in my parents’ garage

I brought along a small box of my my mum and dad’s paperwork that I found in my house, and bizarrely they had a much larger box of my stuff in their garage that they wanted me to take home (clutter gets everywhere!). I decided to go through some of my memory box in their garden whilst we were there.

The girls enjoyed reading through my old school books, notes, diaries, drawings and cards (including my first birthday cards). There were even a couple of old purses stuffed with receipts and bus tickets (my daughter commented that my purse is just the same now 😂). I’m not going to keep all of the stuff in the box. I will leave it in my garage until I’m ready to sort out that particular category of stuff. I know that there are more boxes like that in my garage already so I imagine that one day I’ll restrict myself to just one box of special memories.

An evening of board games

When we got home, my husband had missed us as he’d been in his own. I think that the girls wanted to carry on with the ‘family time’, so we suggested playing a game called Blokus which we all like. This made a change instead of watching TV.


My youngest won the second game – she was the blue colour and managed to block us all getting into her corner.

All in all, a lovely family day.

Until tomorrow…



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4 Responses to Day 172: A Social Distancing Day Out to See Family, A Box of Memories, and An Evening of Board Games

  1. Yes, memory boxes. I told my daughter when she was here for Christmas to take hers as they were just taking up space with me so she looked through them, had a great time remembering and then put them back! I think when I can get back to visiting at her house I will bring one at a time to her.

    • I know that my dad has tried to give me that box a number of times and I just say ‘leave it there for now’. He managed to offload one box to me when they moved a few years ago and that’s still in my garage. That’s a good idea to take your daughter’s box of memories to her house. It’s up to her what she wants to do with it after that. My dad suggested taking photos of anything I like but haven’t got the room to keep.

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