A 41 Year Old Jigsaw Gave us Three Hours of Family Time

A zodiac jigsaw 1979

In an attempt to get through the stack of jigsaws taking up space in my house (so that we can see which ones we want/don’t want to keep), I got out the second jigsaw so far this year. We started the first 1000 piece one on New Year’s Day (Starting the New Year With a Jigsaw) which only took us around 3-4 days.

This zodiac jigsaw was one that I received from my mum and dad in 1979 when I was just a 10 years old (I’d written my name and the year on both sides of the lid of the box 😊). You might wonder why I still have it… well, my mum and dad are like me, they keep things and they gave it to me with a bunch of books and other memories a year or so ago. I think it was on one of those socially distanced days out to see them in Herne Bay last year.

As we’d only just put the other jigsaw away a day or so ago, I didn’t think that the rest of the family would want to do another one so soon. How wrong was I? No sooner had I tipped the pieces onto the table, they gathered round to make a start on sorting the edges from the middle bits; however, this jigsaw was very different to the standard ones. It was round for a start and had different sections and it was quite difficult to get the edges to stay together at first. They almost lost interest.

We all persevered and actually had quite a bit of fun, and you’ll never guess what… we finished it within a few hours. All 499 pieces of it! That’s right, it had a piece missing, but as the jigsaw is 41 years old, I’m not sure if we’ll find it now 😂.

So, the questions is… should I keep the jigsaw or get rid of it? I can’t give it away with a piece missing… or can I?

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2 Responses to A 41 Year Old Jigsaw Gave us Three Hours of Family Time

  1. I never save a puzzle with a missing piece. I also only do a puzzle once with the exception of a wooden one my son gave me because I love it, it is small and no way would I remember how to put it together. I donate my puzzles or trade with friends and neighbors. During the first lockdown we were passing them around a lot.

    • Makes sense but I have a pot of missing pieces somewhere in the garage (I think) and I’m hoping that I stumble across it soon 😀. If I don’t find the pot by the summer, I agree they should go. Your wooden puzzle sounds interesting

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