Day 350: Hallway Colour Choices, Lounge Ceiling Fixed and Charity Bags Donated

These are the paint samples that my daughter and I chose yesterday.

Paint samples for hallway

Vanessa the decorator painted the hallway and landing ceilings today as well as doing some prep work on the walls. She even cleaned the hard-to-reach top window that I have never been able to get to.

We had to make a decision on the paint colour before Vanessa left for the day as she was getting the paint on the way home. That is usually how we make our decisions when we are up against a deadline.

My husband didn’t get a chance to go out and get more samples so he agreed on the colour that the girls and I wanted which is called Magic Touch. Quite appropriately named seeing as we all needed a bit of magic to get to the point that we all agreed. He still wants a darker colour somewhere though, and as a compromise he wants to change the colour of the lounge which is currently a White Mist colour.

Our choice for the hallway… Magic Touch… is painted in a few places above. The top left one on the wall, the one to the left of the doorframe, and the one to the right of the doorframe. It’s sort of an off white, grey/beige colour.

Ceiling fixed

Our plasterer turned up early today to fix our ceiling. He said that the glue had probably dried out too quickly in that area before he plastered it. It didn’t help that he had to work around the Christmas tree in that corner last week (if you remember, I did say that the tree should come out 😊). The radiator is also below it which probably didn’t help. The weight of the paint then must have pulled the plaster off the ceiling in the night.

Plastered ceiling repaired

No harm done, it’s all fixed now. He took so much care over it making sure that each layer dried for the appropriate time (result is the bottom half of the picture). I think we’ll leave the painting part until after Christmas now for two reasons. Firstly, I want to get the room back to normal and secondly, so that it completely dries out.

Time for more charity bags

Can you believe that it’s appropriately a month since I’ve donated any bags? I didn’t quite have my usual ten bags but I took seven smaller bags in, along with a small suitcase that no one uses. I’m booked in again for Sat 2 Jan 2021.

Dentist and a curry

I had to take the girls to their routine dentist appointment checkup after school today. We were all so tired after that having all had a long day, and when they suggested a takeaway curry I immediately agreed. I ordered over the phone and they were offering a 10% discount for collection which was a bonus. It was really tasty.

The first member of the family to get the Covid-19 vaccine

Being in his later years, my dad had the Covid-19 vaccine today. He was really looking forward to having it and we’re pleased that one person in the family is on their way to being protected by the virus. He’s feeling fine and his second injection is early January.

Time to relax

I fell asleep on the sofa in the study this evening and woke up after the deadline to amend my Tesco shopping order. Luckily I did add a few essentials earlier and had asked the girls to go in and add anything they wanted. I can always pop to the shops for the items that I didn’t add.

It’s been a long day so now it’s time to have a soak in the bath.

Until tomorrow…



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5 Responses to Day 350: Hallway Colour Choices, Lounge Ceiling Fixed and Charity Bags Donated

  1. Sheree says:

    Nice colour choice

  2. Love your color choice. The plasterer did a good job and you are probably correct in waiting until after Christmas to paint, even though I know you are anxious to have it finished. Hope your father is doing well and the rest of the world will start to follow in his footsteps.

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