Day 302: My Decision About the Radiator, and Loads of Other Jobs Done

The builders were here for over ten hours today. They had a productive day doing various jobs, but then at the end of the day there was air trapped in the central heating system and they had to check all of the radiators. Here are today’s achievements:

The cupboard got completely boarded and plastered ready for the carpenter to build shelves in there tomorrow. I asked the plasterer to keep the back part open (behind the bathroom shelves) so that they could be used as little cubby holes – I think my daughter thought I was crazy, but storage is storage – we may as well use every little bit of space 😀.

New freshly plastered cupboard space

The feeder tank got moved to the side of the loft today. I haven’t been up there to see what they did but they were working on it for a long time. Good job it wasn’t the height of summer.

I made a decision about the radiator. So, you may be wondering what decision I made about the radiator… well, I was really fed up this morning as I had no idea on the future layout of the spare room/study and because of that my husband couldn’t help me with the decision.

I thought that if I leave the built in furniture where it is, then I need to think about where a sofa and TV would go. Whilst I was sitting there trying to work it out by myself, I thought about what would happen if I do absolutely nothing. The answer was that nothing would happen, and I wouldn’t lose wall space around the room.

‘When in doubt do nothing’ is going to be my new motto for things. I never wanted to move the radiator anyway, or the furniture. Not this year anyway.

So, when the plumber came round, I asked him where he would suggest putting the radiator. He was very helpful and agreed with me on the two options that I’d thought of which was to leave it where it was or move it to the left hand wall. He said that people don’t usually put their radiators on the longest walls as that’s where they tend to put their furniture.

I had about half an hour to decide, not only because they needed to start the work, but also because I was taking my daughter to her orthodontist appointment which was 50 mins drive away. I cut up two pieces of paper and folded them up.

Making a decision the wrong way

… and each time I picked one out it said ‘move to the left wall’. I wasn’t happy with that choice so I decided that I must have wanted to leave it where it was. It was such a relief to have made a decision to do nothing. I really should trust my instincts rather than rely on pieces of paper.

I spoke to the builder about my decision and he asked if I wanted him to take the radiator off the wall and straighten it anyway as it was crooked. He said that he wouldn’t charge me for doing that. As he was draining the system anyway it made sense to align and fix it. I was very grateful.

Crooked radiator, now straight

If my husband doesn’t want to use the room I might use it as my office over the winter months as it’s not inviting going into the conservatory when I’ve not been in there to turn the heater on first. The roof is also leaking a bit so that’s another job we need to sort out.

The bed turned up and my daughter was very excited about putting it together. Just before she went to sleep she knocked and cut her face on the corner of the bedside cabinet and it really hurt her. She’s ok now and fast asleep in her new bed with her new quilt and bedding. One happy girl (I just need to move the surplus furniture out of the room.

A long and productive day so I’m ready for a bit of pampering… just running myself a bath, lighting some candles and putting on some relaxing music.

Until tomorrow..



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