Really Useful Boxes Make Me Feel Organised, and Tidy Rooms Make me Feel Calm

I found a few items in the study today that belonged with the Christmas decorations in the loft and because I had organised them so well when I put them away in January, I was able to locate the right box really quickly and put those items away. It was much quicker than last year.

Really Useful Boxes used to store Christmas Decoration

This long box below is also really going to save me time, money and effort next year with its space for rolls of wrapping, ribbons, tags, scissors and sellotape. I don’t think I’ll need to buy any more in December.

Really Useful Box for gift wrapping

So, you could say that things are looking up. Having dedicated places for things is starting to make me feel organised and it’s definitely saving me time when putting things away.

Catching up with a friend

I caught up with a friend on FaceTime this afternoon who I haven’t spoken to since Boxing Day. It was so lovely to see her and we couldn’t believe that we managed to spend two hours talking when all we’ve both done in the last few months is work and stay at home.

She commented on how much calmer I was than when we normally catch up. That made me feel happy that she’d noticed. I think it helped that I’d purposely chosen to have the call in the conservatory because of the way that the space makes me feel. Everything I learnt last week about tuning into the energetic frequencies in a room paid off and this is an example of it working. (Concept from Stephanie Bennett Vogt’s book, A Year to Clear).

Working on the study

I spent an hour in the study today, sorting through boxes and trying to come up with a quick way of making decisions about things. More on that another day, as I was doing so well and then got a bit stuck sorting through some of the girls’ cute baby clothes. My husband called me for dinner and I fortunately (or unfortunately) ended up putting everything back in the bag.

Until next time…


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3 Responses to Really Useful Boxes Make Me Feel Organised, and Tidy Rooms Make me Feel Calm

  1. I am much happier with my clear boxes for things like Christmas decorations, so much easier. I like having a certain room in the house that makes me feel more relaxed. Mine is usually my kitchen!

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