Day 124: The Day After the Mass Kitchen Decluttering and a Birthday Zoom Video Call

I have no idea why everyone was raring to go yesterday and today they have all fled the scenes. My husband actually said this morning that there was nothing for me to do in the kitchen so I didn’t have to worry about anything today and could rest. I walked in there and in my eyes all I could see was clutter on the dining room table and some surfaces (it’s all the stuff that came from drawers and cupboards yesterday that now hasn’t got a place).

The only place that I could comfortably rest was in the garden or the conservatory. So, I first sat in the garden eating my breakfast (and can you believe that it started to rain whilst I was out there). I then moved to the conservatory to start writing this post and do some other online stuff. It was very peaceful and I could hear the light rain tapping on the roof, the birds tweeting, and the feint sound of the TV that my husband was watching in the lounge.

Attempting to Clear Up

Later, I braved it back into the kitchen by myself and gave myself more work to do by accidentally smashing the glass lid of my lovely cake stand that was in my way on the breakfast bar. This was upsetting as it was a present from my husband a couple of years ago and I’ve been so careful with it up to now. I also smashed one of our best wine glasses yesterday so hopefully there won’t be a third thing!

I smashed the glass lid of my cake stand 😞

In an attempt to do something good, I opened the large pantry type cupboard that’s in the corner of the kitchen and noticed that my daughter had nicely lined up all of the cereal boxes on one of the five shelves (thank you). The breadmaker had been taken out yesterday so there was a lot more room in there to see what cereals we actually have (too many by the looks of things). I decided to sort out the bottom shelf to see if I could remove items that we don’t want and put away some of the things lying around the kitchen and dining room. This is how the two shelves are looking now:

A couple of organised shelves

Birthday zoom video call

I then had to clear the dining room table to get ready for a zoom call with all of my family for my dad’s birthday (16 of us in 5 different locations). In amongst all of that I made an early dinner and baked a victoria sandwich cake and put some birthday banners up. On the zoom call we lit the candles and sang to him (and then we ate the cake 😊). I know that my mum and dad always read my blogs so…

“Happy birthday Dad 🎂 😘. Sorry that we couldn’t be there in person with you both today”

Until tomorrow…


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